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To restore the Holy Anointing Oil of God to the Church of Christ. With the
anointing of the Holy Spirit, we will set out to educate the foolish through
the power of truth straight from the Word of God about cannabis and its
historical role in Judaism​. We will prove this linguistically along with
archaeological evidence. We will confirm that cannabis is the spiritually
active, main ingredient in both the Anointing Oil and the Holy Incense of
God that was first written of in Hebrew under the name “Kaneh Bosm” in
Genesis 30:22-26 where God laid out the ingredient list. It was then was
mistranslated in the Septuagint around 300 BC as kalymnos then as sweet
reed or cane in English translations. We will then present the scientific
evidence of the God given healing and spiritual attributes of CBD, CBA, THC,
and other cannabinoids and terpenes derived from cannabis through the
body’s newly discovered endocannabinoid system, God’s master regulatory
system, speaking over every system receive cannabinoids that we actually
produced during prayer and when Mother's nurse their infants. We will
demonstrate for the wise virgins of Philadelphia the power of God through
healings, with the holy anointing oil, the laying on of hands, and the prayer
of faith her need to carry oil with her. Mat 25:1 and with this anointed
power carry this word to the nation of Israel. Who will who will receiving
and say blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord, on they're late
night stroll to the wedding of the lamb Revelations 3:7-11

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